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Did you know that...

  • ...outsourcing your relocation program may not cost anything? Many of our services are paid for by referral fee from our suppliers. So you pay the same fees (or less) than doing this directly with the supplier and our services are included.
  • can partially outsource your relocation program? We can act as anything from a supplier directory to a resource for your internal relocation coordinators. Our specialized systems and knowledge at your disposal, with all the control of an insourced program.

Q1. Does your company have free administrative resources to help coordinate employee relocations?

(Does your internal team have enough free time to manage the upcoming relocations?)

Q2. Are the internal administrators knowledgeable about the components of relocation?

(Immigration, Real Estate, Moving, Destination Services)

Q3. Do you have a relocation policy?

Q4. If not, do you have someone on staff that can write one effectively?

(Both fair to employees and protects the corporation from abuse of the benefits)

Q5. If yes, is that policy up to date?

(Reflective of modern practices and laws, and in-line with the economic climate-generous enough to be competitive but not more expensive than necessary)

Q6. Does your company have its fingers on the pulse of changes in the relocation industry and legislation?

(Immigration, Real Estate, Import/Export, Privacy)

Q7. Does your firm relocate more than 50 people per year?